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committee - minutes of meetings

Here you can find and download information about our committee meetings. We normally hold our meetings every two weeks.


Please select below a summary of the Western Swifts regular committee meetings. We are publishing these to give more transparency about the workings of the club. For more information regarding a particular meeting, please download the PDF.

11 March 2024

This was our first meeting held via Microsoft Teams. The main purpose was to define the roles of each committee member. A number of issues were discussed including the use of wrist bands for players, session attendance, and general financial standing of the club's accounts.

18 march 2024

The meeting was held in person at the President's home.  A number of issues were discussed including the Swifts Cup 2024, uniform orders, etc. James Benjamin also joined the meeting for around 15 minutes to discuss coaching and training for new beginners to the club. A review of the club's finances was presented, and the committee agreed that a number of policies need to be put in place such as 1) Financial hardship, 2) Hot weather, and 3) Health and Safety. For more details please download PDF here.

08 April 2024


22 April 2024


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